Student Testimonials

Read what our students have to say about the benefits of taking CFL’s courses…


“The class is beneficial for refugees and immigrants because the system of banks is very different from our country. Thanks and be blessed!!!”
Ancille Nahimana, Rwanda
“I am 49 years old and I have been in USA for 9 years, this seminar will change my life and it will help me on how to save and care about my credit score with my entire family, my wife and my 6 children. I strongly recommend all new immigrants and refugees to attend this useful class. We need more classes to help needy families.”
Mohamad from Sudan, 2011
“I benefited a great deal from your class and I know anyone who attends your class is bound to change his or her spending spree. Your class is a wakeup call for many of us and we all needed it and I for one appreciated your help. Thanks again Brother! I have saved about $2,000 within 4 months since I took your class.”
2010 Basis Money Management Student from Somalia in Lewiston, Maine
“I get knowledge about how to plan for my future goals and the way to manage money in America.”
Gabriel NKANN, Angola
“The course is very good because I know what to do in the future and how to plan with goals. Before I didn’t know how to plan and for now I know that I can’t spend money if I don’t have a plan.”
Mulonda, DRC
“I learned how to save money and spend less on things I thought I needed before, but I didn’t need.”
Tina, USA

“I learned a lot of things, especially for my retirement and different types of risk.”
“French [financial] system is very different from the U.S. system. I learned many new things. Now we have information we didn’t have before. How to use and save money, and reduce expenses.”
Yacin, Djibouti
“The class was wonderful. The class is beneficial for refugees and immigrants because many of them have to know the different steps for building wealth, and because they are obliged to live here and to know financial tool.”
“This class has changed our behavior towards money, now we’re going to manage wisely our money,and better than before”
Vistoire Liwanga Bukaka, D.R Congo
“I never thought about direct deposit. Now I get it and will start immediately. I was still the old class of wanting to get my paper check.”
Sarah, IDEXX Staff
“CFL has helped to open my mind about how much to earn and spend, how to budget and think about money and not live check to check. It also helped me to start short and long-term goals and save money in an emergency fund. I am putting what I have learned into action.”
Levy Furere, Burundi