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A message from CFL’s Executive Director:

claudeAs one of the 20,000 new immigrants and refugees who live in Maine, I am writing to you to say that America has been everything I envisioned. I left the Congo and Rwanda during the terrible violence in the late 1990’s, and I thank God every day that my family and I are safe.

For most immigrants and refugees, the greatest obstacle on the road to self- sufficiency is their lack of understanding of basic financial concepts and a difficulty understanding the U.S. financial systems. Many of Maine’s immigrants come from refugee camps and countries where banks are not trusted and governments do not protect their citizens. Most live from paycheck to paycheck, and do not understand the importance of saving or how to budget. While they dream of owning a home, starting a small business, purchasing a car, or sending a child to college, many lack the financial skills to make this possible.

In 2008, I founded Community Financial Literacy to provide financial education and counseling to Maine’s immigrant community. In 2009, we established Community Financial Literacy as a tax-exempt 501(C) (3) organization with an active multicultural Board of Directors and many dedicated volunteers. Working closely with organizations like local adult education programs, public housing and other service providers, we have provided training and counseling to hundreds of new arrivals.

I am writing to ask for a gift to help with CFL’s programs and operating expenses. Your gift will enable CFL to provide free classes and counseling to the community. CFL is a fiscally responsible organization with modest needs, so any size donation can make a difference.

CFL has been fortunate to have the broad support of many individual donors and a few generous foundations to help us grow. Your gift would be important to us and very much appreciated as CFL looks toward the future.

Claude Rwaganje,