As more immigrants and refugees make Maine their new home, the number of CFL courses and attendees continues to grow! CFL is meeting the needs of Maine’s burgeoning diversity by providing more one-on-one financial counseling to immigrant and refugee families statewide, while expanding services to include College Access Counseling for parents and students, as well as an IDA Loan program.

CFL has successfully assisted “New Mainers” transition from poverty to financial stability. We are delighted to report that since 2008, CFL has served well over 1,000 students in our financial literacy courses. As 2014 winds down, we hope that CFL can count on your financial support.

Every gift is critical for CFL to continue equipping “New Mainers” with vital skills for success including: managing their resources, saving to educate their children, and becoming integrated as contributors within the greater community. Any sized gift is greatly appreciated with the assurance that your tax deductible gift will be well used as CFL continues to empower Maine’s underserved communities with financial literacy and stability.

Thanks again for your financial support and generosity as CFL celebrates a successful year of service.